Solution Overview

The project consists of 4 project files
  1. TurtleGraphics - Contains the parsing and interpretation logic. See below for more info.
  2. WpfTurtleGraphics - WPF UI for editing and running turtle graphics programs
  3. UnitTests - A small set of unit tests focusing on testing syntax of turtle graphics programs
  4. TurtleGraphicsSetup - Generates an MSI for installation

TurtleGraphics Project

This project consists of the following files
  • - This is the MGrammar grammar. It is compiled in a pre-build step as part of this project.
  • LogoParser.cs - Responsible for lexing and parsing an input TurtleGraphics program.
  • LogoInterpreter.cs - Takes a parsed TurtleGraphics program and translates it into WPG Path Geometry Syntax.
  • BufferingErrorReporter.cs - Obtains error information from Mg parser.

Turtle Graphics Binaries

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