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Project Description
In the early 1980's a programming language called Turtle Graphics used to be taught as a way of introducing people to programming on the BBC Microcomputer. Its goal was to provide an introduction to programming using a language that provided instant visual gratification.

Turtle Graphics Syntax
Standard Commands
  • MoveTo <x,y> - Move the turtle to absolute position x, y
  • Move <x,y> - Move the turtle relative to the current position
  • Draw <n> - Draw a line from the current position n pixels
  • Rotate <n> - Rotate the turtle n degrees, where n is between -360 and +360
  • Color <color> - Select a color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Black

  • Loop <n> { <Program> } - Run the Logo program n times

  • Function <FunctionName> { <Program> } -
  • Call <FunctionName> - Calls the previously declared function called FunctionName

Getting Started and Project Documentation

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